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Suicide Is Not An Option
Do you feel like you want to escape life? Have you had suicidal thoughts? Have you made a plan? Have you attempted to kill yourself?
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My Family Is Driving Me Crazy
Is your family driving you crazy? Do you struggle with establishing healthy limits in your relationships? Consider the blessing of healthy boundaries for your relationships. A boundary is a limit you set regarding what behavior you will tolerate from other people.
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It can start with just one drink… A friend offers you a free one at a party, you are the only one at the restaurant not drinking, you have seen other people drink and it looks like “fun.”
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Overcoming Loneliness
Being alone is different from loneliness. One can be surrounded by people, connected with hundreds of friends on technology, or live with a large family and still feel lonely.
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Addicted to Porn
Porn. A word that has been normalized in our culture. A casual activity that can become a habit. A habit that can become an addiction.
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I’m Addicted and I Can’t Give It Up
Addiction is when a person is unable to consistently abstain from a substance or behavior (ASAM). It can be craving alcohol, medication, or other substances.
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When Worry Takes Over Your Life
We can worry about almost anything: our job, our relationships, our health, our country, our money, our family, etc. Worry isn’t something we should write off.
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How to Overcome Depression
In some cultures, depression can be dismissed as a myth or something that doesn’t deserve real treatment. However, if you do struggle with the symptoms of depression, there are steps you can take to make your quality of life better.
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Hope For Your Problems
When life seems overwhelming with problems, and hope seems lost…please don’t give up! I want to encourage you and give you hope, what you are experiencing is only temporary!
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