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Matthew 19-20. “When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.”

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  • Hi everyone pls pray for me and my partner 🙏 to get a job and our house 🏘️ to come out we been waiting for it's for so long now.we need a house 🏘️ for my kids 😭😭😭.
  • I'm praying for someone who i was very worried about in the past now supports LGBT. it's hurts she now supports this sin. i hope she read the bible and know it's a sin. she can't be a Christain and support sin. Jesus loves everyone but he doesn't like sin. please pray for her she a disabled woman. i'm not sure what disabilities she have but she did claim she is disabled. praying she comes closer to Jesus. amen.
  • Pray for my financial problems pleaze
  • Pray for me , am just seeing darkness in my life, everything is not moving on in my life.am just feeling us I am in prison. I am in the bondage
  • Praise the lord
    I need to build a house and get promotion. The people who are my bosses have no qualifications that I have. They make fun of me and make me feel little. Let God promote me and remove shame from me.
    Alice Auma
  • God should open way of blessings,in my school and my family in both fanacial aspect
  • Prayer for my baby and me to get some money and a home for us. Prayer for my alcoholic husband to be alcohol free and come back to us
  • Spiritual strength , growth, complete healing physically and protection whole family
  • I want the children of God to pray for me that the lord will keep standing for him.

    I also want the children of God to please pray for me that the will reverse my thyroid gland, from being infected to becoming a brand new and healthy thyroid.
    Thanks to all the children of God out there.
  • Divine healing and upliftment, goodluck,and a life partner Amen
  • I need prayer over my family and my work ,, that almighty God should visit us ,, Jesus love,,I what his love in my family
  • Prayer against suicidal thoughts and depression,
  • I'm praying for someone who goes by Gondarth. i don't know his real name but God knows. i'm praying he find Christ. he doesn't believe in God he's atheist.
  • I want God to to forgive my sin and receive me back as his Loving child.
  • House 🏠
    Children's studys
    Peace in house
  • praying for everyone in the LBGTQ+ community. i hope they find Christ. Jesus loves you.
  • Pray for me to know the word of God and be come rich in the mighty name of Jesus the son of living God
  • I want God to help me because the burden that I'm carrying to is too much for me
  • I m feel very bad, i m finish my university but i can't find jod ,and i need money for live. I know God can help me and i know Someone can help me to, my country is very bad please pray for me ,that God hear my prayer.🙏.
  • I want to marry, I want to travel
    And I need money
  • Pls 0ray for me I'm sick of cancer I cannot walk anymore.
  • 7 months ago i prayed for woman with autism name Katie to get a new apartment or house. it's been 7 months and Katie is living with her family in a motel. God i know that you are real but after 7 months Katie still haven't got her apartment or house. Katie wants to be independent and live on her own. please God give Katie her blessings.
  • That God will help me get a scholarship for my masters program under the Erasmus mundus joint program.
  • Praying that Holly, her husband, and their kids find Christ.
  • Please pray for me financial breakthrough, healing and marriage
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