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Matthew 19-20. “When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.”

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God bless you!



  • Love in my family
  • Pray for marital breakthrough,peace of mind, blessings, longlife and favor from God
  • Pray for me,I don't have a place where I can call home,i need one in JESUS Name
  • I want peace in my heart
  • For my life I couldn't understand what happen with me I m very disappointed I m feeling alone ,,,،😭😭😭
  • My prayer request is help me pray for my husband to find a job.he has been applying for a job since 2018 and nothing is coming out.
    Also pray for me to be strong ever since i lost my baby in October last year things haven't been well for me.i need to heal
  • Thank you Lord you have not forsaken me. I hope the fear and anxiety in my heart and mind disappear forever. Give me more strength and courage to face the trials that are yet to come. Guide me on the right path that I should take in this life. I'm sorry for all the sins I committed. Amen.
  • For everything
  • Am asking GOD for a financial breakthrough for my husband and also a good job because he lost his job
  • My boss should stop falsing himself to me,my mom should stop taking alcohol, am old enough to be married but I can't tell the right person .my prayers request please .
  • I prayed for God Almighty to secure all my family, also help me to celebrate in is sactary
  • I pray po. Para SA kagalingan Ng nanay ko. At financial problems mo. Slamat po
  • I need God to bless me with a husband and my mom to stop taking alcohol
  • I am humbly asking for all the prayer warriors to please pray for the health of my father to improve and a prayer for my family that my husband will have a clear mind to stop being unfaithful to me and to our child. I desperately need all your prayers. Thank you very much🙏🙏🙏
  • 2022 is one of my hardest year. No work, no income, I gave birth to my 6th child. It's very hard. I cry, almost a night. It's to painful for me seeing my kids, nothing, anything to have. It breaks my heart. Please, pray for me to be more stronger. Suicidal thoughts is been on my mind a long time ago. Evil doings is approaching me, please pray for me to be more careful. Please pray for me, pray for my husband, pray for my children, pray for my family and pray for my whole family.

    ♥️ Thank youuuu! And God bless us moree.
  • Hi I'm Mariel i think I need a prayer because I lost my trip to jesus. I am now heading the wrong road. Please help me to be back on the track and meet him. Lovelots!
  • Me jise chahti hu please do vhi muje like kre God 🙏
  • Pls lord Jesus for give me all my sin
    Ad answer my prayer, I need money to complete my
    Visa ticket , and also to hell my mother from sick ness
  • God should let me posses my possession in Jesus name amen
  • Please help me to be financially independent and raise my child to be a medical doctor. Also let meet a successful husband and help me to lose weight and be healthy to take care of my mom.Also help my mom to live a healthy and long life. Thank you
  • pray for the whole world, that we may awaken, accept and love with all our heart and wholeheartedly and make our dear Lord JESUS ​​the center of all and praying for those who have passed away but are still She still watches over and loves her loved ones.Praying for the OFWs who continue to take risks, able to cope with everything even alone., For their respective families.And above all pray for those who have become sinners but want to change and fully embrace our Lord JESUS.,
  • I want my lord Jesus to heal me from every sickness or disease and bless me with a good future and also help me to grow spiritually
  • I want you people to please help me in prayer for good health and financial open doors in my life.
  • Prayer for family
    Prayer for good health
    Prayer for success
  • To have faith in God
    To have peace in my heart
    To have favor in his eyes
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