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Matthew 19-20. “When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.”

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  • Please pray for me and my family problems 🙏 please pray 🙏 amen amen 🙏
  • Please pray for me to get my job back am single mother i don't even what how am I going to take of h
  • The person I love and cared for left me it's hurts my heart that we no longer on the same page I am seeking for a second chance god I pray that God talk to him and get over his securities I really want us to work out. Amen
  • Pray for my dog he died from parvo and it breaks my heart
  • Pray for complete healing of my only son of mental illness...
  • I am praying for my gf who is got married for coming back to me
  • Job
  • God , please in your infinite mercy turn my reproach to glory, pay my debts and change my life for better.
    Grant me longlife and prosperity, Bless my kids and grant them Divine wisdom from above in Jesus name.
  • Pray for my family and my financial situation.
  • To heal my broken heats
  • I fill am stuck plzzz pray for me .Relationships seems to be so hard for me .smone heartbreaks me but I still go on with him then onother heartbreak. It breaks my heart he iz not talking to me to explain anything.
  • I have applied for a new job,pray so that I can get one of the many applications I have sent out because the current station I am frustrated.please pray they choose me among the many.need change of environment
  • Please for my friend. his laptop and hard drive were stolen. he got it back but all his personal information was leak. he lost many very personal videos, mixes, photos and voice mails. they were all splashed onto the internet for world to see. the thief is planning future attacks, soliciting accomplices, raising money and threatening violence against him and his team members to retrieve more files, songs, anything. they know exactly who the thief is, and my friend in contact with law.
  • Please pray for some lost souls encounter who don't like me and condoning evil.
  • I pray for a break through on my work, I also pray to get a good husband. I also pray for peace and love in my family and people around me
  • I need a safe place, place of my own with peace of mind
  • I pray for orderliness in my life and to focus and move on very quickly
  • Break through
  • A prayer for healing and Devine breakthrough...
  • To grant Enternal Rest for my fiance and healing up on my Dad
  • To get a job
  • Pray for God to keep me from loosing my mind in this wicked world.
  • I am praying to get the appropriate job I want. I like to work at home but most of the job that I am applying are requiring on-site and required us to have vaccine but I am not yet vaccinated because I am in doubt to take that. I am out of budget now and almost four months looking for job and can't still find the right employer. I hope you all help me pray to get what Lord desired for me, for good, his will.
  • Pray for wisdom and understanding in my life and My education and. For my father he have be form this illness for the ten years now I need the hands of God rest upon him and I need a pray what ever I lay my hands on we blessed and I will great things from God, pray for peace to rain in my and my country Sierra Leone. Amen
  • Plz pray for my marriage breakthrough, God to bless me with my predestined man.
    Also my music career is stagnant. I wanna serve God thru my voice.
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