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Matthew 19-20. “When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.”

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  • A prayer for Grace upon my life and my family 🙏😭
  • God to entervain in my life I want my life to be normal like other people I cry alot I want good God to give me piece and love to give me a life partner who will love me and my son
  • My dad is very sick please join me in prayer😭😭
    He was porsin
  • Encouragement not to give up
  • Prayer for my promotion as the permanent principal and to live spiritually always
  • I have bad anxiety and depression. I’ve been dealing with it for almost 3 years now. While things are tough rn I’m confident that prayer and the work of God will help me through this storm. Thank you for reading this and praying for me. You are loved <3
  • Pray for me and my family .it's family problem
  • lost my marriage to another
    am far from my kids
    lost my job
    feel lonely and empty
  • My prayer request is am jobless I need a Job and intercede for me to get a good man for marriage
  • I want to pray for peacefullness in my work and ask God to touch every heart of those who hates me and widen thier minds for not doing any bad moves towards me because things will be fix through talking peacefully and forgiving.i want them to stop creating bad news about me because it affects me a lot. This is my prayer.
  • I lost hope in me I don't have any hope my heart is full of pain, am helpless in life. I have no Joy, I want God bless me and to help me to succeed in life. God should let me out of troubles. God should give me strong heart, this my prayer for God to answer my prayers for me in his name.
  • I pray for the healing of my broken heart, and my depression,anxiety,stressed, negativity will go away.I will pray for the restoration of love , and marriage to my husband elmer in Jesus name I pray 🙏
  • Pls help me pray to my son joseph albert brua who has spinal cord injury until now he was not able to walk but the doc said he can able to walk but need to undergo physical therapy thank you so much🙏🙏🙏
  • Pls pray for me.... I am at my wits end... My son Ashley and daughter Caryn are carrying on a generational curse of which their late father and his dad has been carrying on. Ashley physically abuses us as well as emotionally mentally and verbally abuses us. I have an interdict out against him and we are appearing on the 31 August 2022 and it saddens me really to do this to my son... I can't sleep or eat because of this. I pray for Devine intervention for the both of them pls and I'm reaching out to you for urgent prayer pls.... Pls pls😭😭😭😭
  • My prayer requests is :
    1. My mum is applying for a new position in her work so I want you guys to help me pray for her.
    1. My boyfriend have cult & I don't know how he will change.
  • I pray for peace in Democratic Republic of Congo,the particular at the Est of this country
    I pray for my mother who is mother and father at the same time
  • I have 3 prayer request
    1. To be debt free 🙏
    2. May God protect my Dignity both online and my neighborhood🙏
    3. Financial Blessings 135,000 to pay all my debt. 🙏.
    Please Pray for me..I'm in financial difficulties now, I have unpaid loans in 21 online app
    They harrash me coz I'm not able to pay them.

    Please I need immediate financial assistance, every day I cannot pay them, the penalty is getting higher.
    I already ask forgiveness to God, I know it's my fault, I borrow money to sustain my insurance. But since I don't have stable income ,only commission, I need to loan and reloan to pay it. Due to high interest and processing fee and payable only for 7weeks.eventually my long is getting higher. Please help me pray for me 🙏💚🙏. Thanks and God bless 😇
  • Lord forgive me in my sins... Give me strength, peace of mind and peace heart.. take all my worries and anxiety.. may the people in our place buy the goods tthat being sell to our small store to help augment in our daily needs.

    I live all these things in Jesus name, amen..
  • Please 🙏 need prayer from you, anytime I started praying I feel a sleep and forget what I was praying about,next I'm working house 🏡 help bt I can't stay at my work more than 2months I start getting angry with no reason then I leave my job last when I get my salary I don't understand what I do with money 💸 even if I try saving I will remove later and spend all of it pray for my marriage delay please
  • Breakthrough in my life
  • My prayer request is my children
  • Deliverance, healing, financial breakthrough and stagnance in life
  • Salvation of the lord
    Break all evil chains in my life
  • Healing prayer
    Life restoration
    Job seaker
    My brothers life restoration
  • Please pray for me that our God grant me my desire to have a stable jod🙏 Amen
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