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Matthew 19-20. “When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.”

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  • I pray that I may be successful in life one day and find the love of my life, and I also pray that God keep my parents alive
  • Father locate me to greatness
    Reveal to me my purpose of life
    Make me a channel of peace and love where there is hatred
  • For our nation
  • A job
  • Good day Sir/Madam. I trust you are well. Please pray for us as a family. My husband is on short-time for the last 2 weeks. Im unemployed and my daughter too. My baby boy is in grade 8, we are struggling Ma’am. We cant afford to pay our mortgage for the last 2 years due to unemployment. Please please Ma’am pray for us for a financial breakthrough in our lives. We have no family members that can assist, we have no money to buy something to eat for this week. Waterpipes are leaking in the house, our roof leak, the stove broke over the weekend, so many things happened. Please pray for us. Have a blessed day.
  • My family
  • My family
  • Praying for me I need healing am sick and financial breakthrough and also to get a job
  • I need God's favor and mercy
    I have been delayed in my life nothing is working for me no marriage, no job, no kids, no nothing and am frustrated with depression
  • Pray for me and my business to be friutful
  • I’m drowning in debt, I keep repeating the same mistakes, I keep pleasing people and neglecting my needs… please help I owe so many people… it’s like I’m cursed
  • For my love life, study success, my carrier success.. And happy life without depression ☺☺
  • God to intervene in my situation joblessness and homeless hopeless
  • My prayers request is I in need of a job and a serious relationship
  • I request you pray for me and my family. Pray for me to reconcile with my boyfriend
  • Debts cancellation,marriage and money
  • Morning I'm Elmarie from Namibia...I need prayer in my health I suffer from heart problems had 3 times heart failure by God's Grace survive it high blood pressure fibrod on my womb drs can't remove the womb my heart is to weak for the operation....due my sickness I can't work I'm depend on my daughter and she also only got a small salary I do here and there small job for people just to survive I need financial support or divine helper I'm really suffering financial even if I got money it just went without knowing food also a problem and I'm a good hearted person always care for others even my last very humble too...I'm staying on my father's erf in a small sink house I lost everything due my kid's father just left and go marry someone else... but I will never show that I'm suffering.. today I ask God must see me Through in Jesus Name..
  • Healing my husband who had a kidney failure in 2008, and l donated to him in 2010.,ln 2021 we both had covid 19, he was critical, 2022 January he had a biopsy and everything turned upside down, it did go well they damaged the donated kidney in the process. He is on dialysis and we are struggling financially to pay the bills. My prayer request are 2 healing and financial breakthrough because we owe people a lot of money.
  • I cried,fasted & prayed struggled throughout my whole life please pray for my successful job this year...& I believe this prayer request will totally changed my life....Worthy to God...
  • Healing
  • I need a prayer concerning my life, i keep on fornicating with my boss, which am not happy abt it, anytime i made up my mind to stop and i stop for some weeks, i didnt know what push me back into it, i have cried severally to God to help me on this issue, am not happy about it at all. I need God strength and help this time around, am dying inside.
  • My prayer request,is for God to help me get over someone that hurt me,the more am battling to get over him the more I keep thinking of him
  • Prayer against any embarrassment that may want to come over me, my family, and prayer for deliverance,and break through .
  • Prayer for me to be financially stable for me to get a house and for me to be more focus and for protection over my kids and family life
  • Blessings
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