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Matthew 19-20. “When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.”

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  • Pls pray for. Me i was diagnosed with kidney failure 1 year back pls pray for my eye that I will see clearly and for my right ear , my bp and sugar
  • I need prayer for healing over giant tumor of the rt leg .. limping reduced daily activity...🙏
  • God help my life
    God take me to where you want me to be
    God made me what you me to be to fulfil your will in my life
    God have mercy me and my upon
  • I am a Muslim girl. I'm a student. I failed the secondary exam last year. It ruined my life. I became addicted to mobile. I forget everything I read. I don't want to married early. I want to build myself as a person. I want to build my siblings as a person. I want to build my career from this young age like Elon Musk has built now. Please pray for me.
  • Please pray that my daughter Regina who is in her late twenties be more feminine & not be depressed & miraculously find her most suitable loving, decent & faithful bachelor who will be her future husband. Please pray for my son James to have a proper frame of mind & study zealously & pass in his 1st attempt his medical postgraduate examinations. Thank you.
  • There God I know am facing so many had time but I know u will see me through my had time. For I know am a sinner but I am always ask for your forgiveness and mercy upon my life and that of my families, friends and love ones 🙏🙏. Am ask that u locate me to my destiny helper so that I will be proud of my sef and mke my family proud of me as well. As I walk along the street and any were I go direct my thoughts and foot steps Amen🙏🙏🙏
  • Job and marriage
  • Financial breakthrough
  • Many things prayer for me. My church. My family.
    My life.& All things.
    Thanks. Praise the lord Christ Jesus. Amen
  • Lord Jesus please change my life for good
  • Lord take away spirit of funication from me
  • I struggle financially and I'm on depression medicine. Life is hard on me. I'm a single mother of two and life is hard
  • I want delivrance from lupus and two babies
  • Poverty
  • God thank u for our life
  • I pray for healing I have epilepsy and high blood pressure,I was also injures my left hand figures are just number they are not functioning ,l pray for my children to progress in life ,my relationship with my boyfriend to lead to marriage and we stay happy and strong with my boyfriend,for him to progress as well at work,I also pray for my family to unite and stay strong for my brothers to find good jobs
  • That I may handle different challenges in life. That I can handle the way others can.
    That my daughters know more about Jesus. To trust Him in every way. Specially my youngest daughter who is currently depressed. She is emotionally weak. She is really struggling right now and hurts herself inorder not to feel what she is feeling inside.
    We are currently in financially unstable. My husband and I keep struggling for our daughters and for their future.
    that I will be hired as permanently
  • Hi i am shaily i wanted to please pray for me i am so heartbroken and feeling lonely in this world.I dont what happened between us it was so magical n oh i god thibk i love him so much that i put myself in pain daily .i also cant fe my hapinness i feel empty without him .
    Oh god ease tell him to come back ..i love him so forgive me for my mistakes
  • Good morning, please pray for me,am battling with depression,fear, anxiety, loneliness,self worth.currently some one made me lose my job because he was against,my family is looking up to me .Am the first born of my family.May God's mercy be upon me.Amen
  • Please pray for my heeling my family financial bracktrue in Jesus might name Amen and Amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏
  • Hi, Im Margaret
    I wanted to please for pray for me, Im fnishing elementary school and looking for good high school and Im asking for a sign for me but really really clear - Im a kind of idiot
    Thank you all <3
  • Pls pray for a breakthrough ..and also for my family prayer of protection..
  • Please, God, send your Angels to protect me, guide me and guide me. I'm so lonely, alone in this world and I need Your protection. I feel unmotivated to live and I need peace.
  • I ask my Lord for his mercy to wash my soul and stand on my side so that I can reach my dream of becoming an astronaut. Amen
  • God I what to known u more
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