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Matthew 19-20. “When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.”

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  • I need your prayers to have long life and be successful that I can take of my widow mother and my two brothers... thanks
  • Lust
  • Peaceful mind
    Business success
    Job promotions
    Family safety
  • heal my heart from a heartbreaks and peace of mind
  • healed prayer and to passed the exam
  • I pray against every spiritual delay holding me down in my marriage, my business and I pray against setbacks. Amen
  • I'm a single mother I'm in seriou debt right now and my kids stop there education because of fund I'm confused and depress God should pay my debt and help me so my kids can get back to school and provide us with accomodations thanks for your concern
  • I pray for life and a good life partner that we love and care for me. That we marry me because of who I am and not what I have. I pray for grace to lo ate me in my business. Amen
  • for my son, i hope he will heal for his depression, and to my marriage hoping for reconcialition,
  • Have faith n healing
  • Financial break through
  • Facing crisis of finance...May God provide all needs and give us three (me,my son,and my husband)apportunaty to fly america for work to live better life in pakistan.or provide a good own business in pakistan, pray for good health for alk of us.
  • safetiness of my family and good health for them
  • Pray for me ad my family to be united
  • Am a lady aged 27, and am married. My prayer request for you is that I want to go to college/ course but no one is helping me my parents died long time ago, people of God please help me. I appreciate you in advance be blessed.
  • I wanna pass mathematics this year
  • For more understanding about the words of God and show his blessings upon me..,. success in education..
  • I want a peace of mind,physical and emotional being.hoping for someone come into my life with no regrets because i choose him to be my husband. Good health to my daughter ,i raised it with love and respect with my own..
  • Can you pray for him to heal my heart remove all this rage and hatred I have filled inside my heart from past 5 years. Also Can you ask God to help me leave this toxic society and grant my VISA application 🤧
  • Financial freedom and to know God more
  • I’m asking god to shower his blessing upon me.
    And ask for his mercy
    I want my helper to locate me
  • financial break through, my husband and i, we are in serious depts, our life is stack we do not know where to start. please for our life....
  • Financial open doors and marital breakthrough , success in educational level
  • Prayer for the recovery of my son who have multiple sclerosis.
  • More of God, To Know God more
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