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Matthew 19-20. “When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.”

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  • I've been stuck in rejection and lack of moving forward with my life
    I have lost hope in God, I have sinned please help me make a refresh start with my life
    My child's father stopped caring for my child everything is a mess help me with prayers
  • Healing and forgiveness
  • lord please guide us everyday, spare my family from sickness.thank you for all the blessings and forgive us our sin. please guide me through my journey to achieve my goals. i trust all of my faith to you lord for all of your plans for me.
  • I request prayer for a baby, if I concieve when it reaches four to three months I get miscarriages I have tried to console doctors but no change so please I trust that God can do it for me if you can help me with more prayers I believe he's going to answer me through your prayers for me help me please
  • Lord God I'm Praying for my family's protection, health, provisions, peace of mind,
    healing and career opportunitues... Please protect our Marriage
  • I request God to protect my family from evil and guide us to the right path . I request God to help me find a job so that i can help my family in this crisis periods.
  • Marital settlement, financial breakthrough, healing and deliverance and breakthrough
  • I was diagnosed with cervical cancer last year it's on stage 2, my husband married a second wife my home is broken we're not staying together since 2011 he comes after 3 months, financial breakthrough and I applied for a transfer to another district
  • Please pray for the Lords intervention deliverance and a change of heart for our son and his wife (Jezebel and Ahab spirit )
    Protection forgiveness healing righteous boundaries for my husband myself and other family members
    Ephesians 6 2
    Happy Easter
    He is risen
  • Prayer for strengthening my faith and transformation
  • Family safety, love, knowledge and wisdom.
    Help me strengthen my faith
    Help me pray to pass all exams.
    Help me pray for I have sinned.
  • Lord, I thank you for all you've done and all you still gonna do.
    I pray for ololade precious that wherever she steps, the favor of God will speak for her, she is a success in Jesus' name, she will live to fulfill her destiny and every weapon fashioned against her shall not prosper in Jesus name. Amen
  • To get Peace of mind and heart because i still not forget what my partner did to me. Its been a month since he betrayed me. So that everyday i can't sleep at peace.
  • Finding a job
  • Financial
  • Praise God,pray with me I have fibrods that needs a surgery
  • Lately i can't understand whats going with me.My relationship with my partner are getting bad.I over think a lot.I feel so stress.I need a prayer for my peace of mind.I just want to have a new life,a new environment a new routine a new things to do to be genuinely happy again.
  • For God fearing husband en a blessed family
  • Pray for my broken marriage,God to intervene and save my marriage
  • please pray for my family health, and also for my work,my health, and also pray that hopefully i recover past for what painfull i feel now.
  • Night prayer
  • Pray about my country my family cause we need JESUS to be with us help us believe help us to know more about him AMEN
  • I need Gods mercy, forgiveness and help
  • For peace of mind, feeling alone... I feel like I want to die.... I need to be alone
  • Our father
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