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Matthew 19-20. “When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.”

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  • I ask my Jesus to help me toget a capital for my business and to grow up with having more customers.
    I ask my Jesus to give me a good husband whom we will love each other.
    I ask my Jesus to help me for my 3 children to fullfil their needs which is very hard to me this days.
    I ask my Jesus to help me to pay all my debts which I have.
    I ask my Jesus to pay for the rent for the house I living and the rent for the room of my business. Amen
  • I am 35 years old single 2 children and I only live failures I have so many debts I am poor and humiliated by the very people of my family
  • Pray for me to get a job
  • Needs a good paying job!
    Prayer against the spirit of fearfulness,
    Generation cousins, Spirit of confusion,
    Renewed my mindset body and soul.
    Thanks for your healing Might God 🙏🙏🙏
  • For my family our health and move on from my remve my troma
  • I need you to pray for me am facing many changes in life an my work
  • I need a man in my life....I am shattered..hrt broken... please God have mercy on me and give me my right spouse,A man dat fears God...has money dat we can both help the needy...the poor people... money dat we rise a family....I need money to settle my bills
  • I want God Almighty to bless me with God fearing husband and a good job
  • Please Pray that may God bless me and send people to help me so I can pay my depts. Cause its really hard to live when people are harassing you and mocking at you about your dept.
  • pls. pray the father of my daughter to please stop cheating on me. to please change his bad attitudes to fucos to his make his family his priority not his friends.. thank you.
  • God to help me get job and to have peace in that job I will get.
    Also, make me have good relationship with other people
  • I would like to have a baby someday
  • 1. I want God to give me the grace to know and serve him more.
    2. I want God to do a great things that will course the whole world to celebrate me and my hubby too.
    3. I want God to bless me, and made me a blessings to many generations.
    4. I want God to send an helpers to me and my hubby so that we can pay all our debts. And give us our own house and car.
    5. I pray God should bless my womb with a twins baby Boys.
    6. I want God should change our stories for Good and gives us a new names. We don't want to live in poverty, debt, lack of money to pay dues and begging before we eat any more.
    7.I want God to enlarge our small business.
    Thank you Lord for answering my prayers. In Jesus Name I Prayed. AMEN
  • Dissolution of case if my sister
    To have finaxila needs for my children to college and have a good health.
  • Family break through and good health to my entire family.
    Knowledge and understanding to do what is right
  • For peace of mind and safety for my family. Depression is kilking me inside
  • I am a homosexual individual and I am requesting a prayer for myself and my sins. I am aware that my actions and feelings disagree with God's will and I look for help wherever and whenever I am able to. I need a prayer to help me clear out my soul and finally convert to heterosexuality. Please pray for me so I can be the perfect image of what God wanted me to be. Blessings.
    1. aSafePlaceOnline

      Michael, God hears your prayer and knows your heart. Rest assured knowing He will guide and direct your path, and that he has a good plan for your life. It is courageous for you to realize your sin. No single sin is greater than the other to God. We are all sinners, yet God still loves us, and when we ask Him to forgive us of our sin He does just that and never looks back. Neither should we. We move forward. Trust that God has the perfect person already picked out for you. Your role is to keep looking outward for that person, expecting them to make their appearance soon! Trust the process. God Bless! Your friends at aSafePlaceOnline

  • for a clear mind.
    Strength in facing my problems - relationships, finances/money matters
    health problems - diabetes, hypertension and ischemia
  • Help pray for me who has been left by my boyfriend yet am pregnant for him.pray for God to restore happiness and peace between me and him and bring him back to me because my unborn child needs a father and am also not financially stable to manage the situation all by myself
  • I suffered a stroke.kindly pray for me
  • My husband should stop drinking n he have to take responsibility for his family
  • Pls pray for my marriage and help me to overcome the spirit of rejection.
  • For my children to finish their studies, land a good job, be safe always and have a better future and not to forget to pray and serve our almighty God..
  • A prayer for healing heart from being hurt a prayer to make me stronger again
  • Good Day! I'm kind of nervous since our performance in theater is soooo near. It's in June 21, 2022 and I'm pressured because I am the leader. I'm having negative thoughts 'cause what if we will fail? What if our teacher will not like our performance? There's so many negative what ifs huhu. Please pray for me, for us as a group that it will be a successful performance and hoping our teacher will give us good score. Thank you and Godbless!
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