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Matthew 19-20. “When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.”

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  • Fiance breakthrough, marital problems, health problems spirit of disappointment and drememt , spiritual wife/husband
  • Financial breakthrough, a job
  • Marriage my wife want to divorce me but i and our children needs her in our life
  • My job and grabhafalam kosam prayer for me
  • Prayer for the family and friends
  • I just want the power of changing and changing my life from depression, sadness, and more and get peace happiness and joy I am scared to say this but my one wish is to change my gender if God or he do it for me or give me the power to
  • Lord as i come to you today i just want u to come into my life save me help me with whatever I'm struggling with mentally physically and financially help me to be wiser lord, lead me into better boundries guide my path help me to think clearly and understand everything you bring to me i pray for my family provide for them protect them shield us from anything trying to harm us through you my lord and Savior anything is possible. IN YOUR LOVING AND PRECIOUS NAME I PRAY.AMEN
  • Healing from anxiety attack, financial breakthrough,
  • Financially breakthrough,pray that God will open door for me to get a job,,and also every door in my life to prosperous..
  • Please pray for my family (husband, children and I) we.lost pur son of 12 years old a month ago.
  • God please keep my family safe.
  • Pliz ray for me also.i lost my job and my wife left meits now 3yrs.
  • Good open all Doors and make me prosperous
  • Please help pray with me, I want God to bless me and my husband with the fruit of the womb from this time forth.
  • God to open my financial doors
    Bring peace in my family
    Help me to forgive all people who hv wronged me
  • Unemployment, Homeless
    Financial problems
    Better relationship with God
  • Prayer for me
  • My Daughter, Hallelujah Feleke, 7 years suffering sickness of diabetis, please pray for God intervention, Almighty God can heal my daughter from this unauthorized sickness
  • Pray for me God to heal my sickness
  • Dear God, Give me the strength to fight all the problems coming towards me, show me the correct way. My heart is broken and I don't know what you have decided for me but I know it will be the best, please bring the right one for me soon in my life.. let there be peace in this world 🙏🏻
  • I am in love with the man namely Humphrey divai mbusha and i want to spend my whole life with him but he seem to ne far from me,please pray for this relationship to tighten and have a future together.
  • Reconveyance of property and I are going to be the witness special power of attorney for my mother Felicitas Comot Hurboda who is 93 years old and I'm going tomorrow to see my lawyer Public Attorney To sign affidavit of sworn statement for my safety and protection to our mother so with me. AMEN.
  • Husband God fearing, financial,a job, health,my family especially my mom
  • I need a prayer so that i now God more and help me too get a job
  • Open my womb and bless me with children
    Balance all my hormones
    Increase my finance so I can get a place to stay
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