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Matthew 19-20. “When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.”

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God bless you!



  • To receive Jesus Christ 🙏
  • Pray for God blessings, pray for God dinive mercy favour and blessings in my daughter life and others
  • Please pray for me to be able to clear my debts, I am so overwhelmed and having sleepless nights.
  • I am very upset please give me solution of my problem
  • Let my prayer life be increased and my spiritual life be strong
  • Oh God, I am literally feeling like getting lost. Please guide me. I don't know what to do now. Everybody of my age is enjoying. But I have not because I want a very good future and worked really very hard but nothing worked out. I am not getting quillifing marks. Don't know if you really want my career to destroy or what. Help me!
  • For my health and my personal documents to faster and finish it to process
  • Breakthrough in every area of my life
  • Please help me pray for my health (both physical and mental), family and success
  • Deliverence
  • To always be a good and kind person and also to have knowledge to kill my laziness when it comes to studying , keep my family and friends Happy always to be concentrative to what the teacher and my parents are saying and to have a happy family in future eg my children and husband .
  • Deliverence
  • Bless my husle this year
    Oh Lord
  • God has given us eternal life., and this Life who ever has the son has Life who ever dont have the son. of god don't have Life.
  • Lord Jesus I believe you are the son of god.thank you for dying on the cross for my sin. Please forgive my sin And give me the gift of eternal life. I ask you into my life and heart to be my Lord and andbsavior I wan to serve you always
  • Please pray fo r my school i have applied the form for taking the stream arts and i was selected but now its been a 1 month and 2 weeks i didn't admission because of financial problem so pray for that and this problem always stay with me pray to remove this curse from me and family i really want to study and cannot ask help from others as people also did the sama thing i believe God will listen and answer my prayer
  • Pray for me I want God to grow in my career,I want God to answer my mother she has been passing through alot sometimes she feel alone,she cry's alot plz pray for me so that things gets better, also pray for my friend Mangala 🙏🙏🙏
  • I am a solo parent. I have 2 kids. My husband died 2years ago due to Chronic Kidney Disease. I am having a hard time now. I am in debt. I have a job but it's not enough. I know I am a strong woman but sometimes I don't know what to do anymore. I cry every day. I always pray, yes.

    My prayer request: That lord God gives me wisdom and knowledge. I hope God will give me strength and courage coz sometimes I want to give up, but I have 2 kids depending on me. I feel devastated. Please pray for me. Thank you so much.
  • My life has turned around from a happy wife and mother to laughing stock may God restore me my destiny, my faith, my marriage and family. I don't know what to do where to go or how to fix this. Am in so much debt and I don't even have a job am a disappointment to myself and family May God deliver me and restore me to glory.
  • Dear my Father God at Your HolyThrone,here i am bowing before Your Throne asking Your mercy and precious blood of Jesus to wash away my sins?clean my inner and my outer and made me holy?thank you father God for the second chance you have given me to continue with my life’s journey on earth!am crying for your strengths strong faith and comforts to overflow upon my daily step?i lost hope and i carry unbearable pains after the lost of the gift of my life the joy of my life the man yourself given me in my very loneliness’s hurts me so badly which makes me give up in life.i know You have given us enough time to be together in our life’s journey and i believe You too on need of him as he’s You own child and Your beautiful flower and Angel but it happens at wrong time of our marriage breakthrough and this just plant so painful seed over my heart!please released me out of this pains and worried,released me out of weak faith and sadness?am lonely and orphan,i carry a lot of troubles!
  • Please keep my mom in prayer. She goes in for a small procedure on Friday. Please pray that everything goes good. Thanks.
  • Jesus prayer
  • Thinking of committing suicide due to very very bad financial problems, nobody to help, absolutely no no money
  • God to bless me to have a job and also to deliver me and my relatives
  • Please help me pray for myself to be released from evil spirit. Please help me pray for a job. I have suffered long enough in life so I need prayer to remove all evil spirit and be free once and for all. Please help me pray for my love relationship with my husband, let there be peace amongst us. Ame
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