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Matthew 19-20. “When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.”

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  • Help
  • I want to get married so please remember me in prayers
  • Need lot.
    home for my children
    I\'m single parent no work i have 4 children.thank you ❤️ and God bless you guys
  • I pray that sons find a space in their hearts to remember me and visit me. They have completely forgotten and abandoned me.
  • For helping me praying for my safe and secured for going another place somewhere in middle east....
  • Lord let my prayer life be strong
  • God have mercy on me and my family
    God to bring my husband to me
    God bless my children
    God should show me the business/work to do
    God should send helpers to take us out of poverty in Jesus name l pray amen
  • Move on in brokenness, have cyst in inside of vagina, I think I have PCOS 3MONTHS NOW NO MENSTRUATION but I'm not pregnant, more to know and focus of words of God, happy life, good health of my family, financial needs, good employer... I claim it in Jesus name Amen.....
  • Forgiveness and wisdom
  • Help me pray for a job. Am tired of being looked down upon, I need a job to help me take care of my son and my family. Please
  • I want God to show me mercy for my past life and present life am into masterbating,lisbian,lienig, stealing,and I have slept with different men please Help me to beg God to give me a second chance and to forgive me...😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏
  • I request God to help me get over my past pains and help me to realign my life and always show me the right path. I pray for employment stability as well, may He bless my career and bless me to bless my fellow beings.
  • Financial crisis
  • I need prayer for strength to keep going, coz ryt now I feel like giving up. I have a daughter to take care of. Pliz help
  • I want to get ridout of my sins
  • Am praying for a stable job..
    To let go of the past.i want to be mentally okay.
    United family,My brother who is in jailto be set free God am tired of crying.listen to me heart dear lord
  • Please help me in prayers to find a God fearing man as a husband.
  • God to increase my faith
  • I need prayer
  • I want to remove my feelings of the person that I like even he is a Christian to because I feel like that's really a struggle for being a Christian or servant of God
  • Pls pray for me...
  • Prayer to rekindle my relationship with my ex
  • My parents my kids my husband my life..
  • Iam 48years now and no man in my life because I refused pre-martial sex,
  • Prayer for my family, I need a house to live in. My childrens study nd my extended family nd please pray for myself to know my lord nd to near him more. Thank you
    My children is 1.Jotame Rokobuli
    2. Faith Leba Rokobuli
    3. Rosehill Rokobuli
    4. Moses Israel Rokobuli
    And our daddy is Nemani Rokobuli.
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