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Matthew 19-20. “When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.”

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God bless you!



  • Love problem
  • Please pay for more strength,braveness
  • Peace of mind, ajob or capital to start my own business, Financial breakthrough,Divine connections and for God's grace to be manifested in my life.
  • God should link me to the right movie directors/producers. I want to be at the top, have been futured in so many movies that are yet to be seen😢
    Am gradually loosing interest in my passion (Acting) God should please restore it back to me..
    I want to be financially stable so I can help my family and those that are depending on me.
  • I pray for strength from difficulties, failed relationships and good health.
    I pray for a lifetime partner in life.
  • I hope for the burial disbursement of my husbands were accepted by the SSS
  • Prayers to solve my urgent Financial Problem and to restore my broken family. Forgiveness from my sins😥😥😥
  • For family, friends, future and love ones
  • God,
    I'm broken and only your grace and love can sustained me. In times of like this, i'm begging you to be in my side in every ups and downs in my life. I don't know how or which direction i should go lead me Lord. We have only 3 times to take the Philippine Pharmacist Licensure Examination and this coming November 9 and 10 will be my take 3. I feel I'm hopeless and scared. 😭 All i want to be is a registered Pharmacist in Philippines and USA and to have and organization soon that i love to help the people who needs medication but can't afford to have one. I need you to strengthen me and give me courage to give it another try this coming November 9-10, 2022. I know deep in my heart, I believe in you that you would never abandon your child nor dissapoint her. I am still here knocking at your heart, believing that your grace and love can move mountains in my life. I'0m doing this for my Family, for you Lord, the people who needs me to add life in their meaningful lives and for my self.
  • For my family & for my life
  • Please pray for our family..
  • Broken Heart
  • I'm getting discouraged because I know I'll do as much as I think
  • for the peaceful life of my family.good health and renew for better person of my husband
  • prayer for problems and love family
  • Lord God, please forgive me for what I've done wrong.
  • Prayer for my well being and for my internal life
  • Lord, I hope you have my problems, I'm in trouble, I'm in a lot of trouble, I don't know, I'll do it, I hope I'll be tolerant, but I don't want one, lord, there's something wrong with me because of me, lord, I'm sorry, I'm lying, lord, I want a quiet life, lord, I don't want I'm already in pain, please guide me, lord
  • Prayer for my fiancé Damien to come back to his daughter and myself. He has drifted away from us and does not prioritize us.
  • I pray that Jesus may continue to guide us me and my family who is facing financial problem right now.i want to have my children a brighter future but unfortunately we hve no work i cannot sustain all the needs of my children.and i pray for our good health and safety always amen
  • to have a house of our own bec were just rent here in my country
  • God forgive my sins 🙏 and open my way
  • Pray point 1 I destroy any plans of the devil against me and my family 2,any spirit of death and sickness I destroy it 3,I destroy any death curses.4 i destroy anything moving objects in my body
  • My habit
  • Prayer for my soul
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