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Matthew 19-20. “When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.”

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  • Prayer to get ajob so that I can support my child and also to have a family
  • About our life
  • I pray that God will gave me his mercy to have a second life...cus i want to say am sorry for my sins ..let him have mercy on me and gave me a second chance
  • O Lord please save me and my family from untimely death
  • I need prayers I’m failing to understand the love the father of my kids says he have for me, he is treating me bad Izt because I’m a student and he is the one who pays my studies do I really have to suffer because I’m poor I can’t take it anymore I’m not fine I have terrible headache all this days I need help I want to focus 😭😭😭
  • Inner healing
    Prayer for family healing
    Praying for Vincent for him to change take care of other peoples feelings
  • My prayer request I prayer for the job I'm praying for changing my life find someone who will give me love and respect pray for luck and money pray for my mother get well soon
  • i am tired of staying a single parent i need my life partner and financial breakthrough
  • For God to give me knowledge.
  • I pray that my husband stop cheating on me ,, stop lying on me,, I pray that he gives important to our marriage,,to our family, he gives attention on me as he's wife,, I hope and I pray that he changes his altitude and behavior toward me,, I pray that his conscience is more active everytime he's lying on me,, I pray to God that my husband realized everything he did to me and to our family,, plz help me God to continue living , loving , even thought my path is tough by this time,, help me. Lord to be more strong enough to face it all alone,, in Jesus name AMEN
  • I ask for mercy from God and a chance to amend my ways and make it right again with him
  • I ask my Jesus for my business to grow more.
    I ask my Jesus to get a husband of my life
    I ask my Jesus to heal me from all my problems. And to protect my children
    1. WINSTON

      May OUR LORD GOD ALMIGHTY BLESS YOU with what you want..

  • I need spiritual healing, repenting will and forgiveness from the Lord for my uncountable sins and those that i have wronged.I want to get right with God and I want to become a prayer warrior. I want the strength to move forward with Christ
  • Pliz pray for my family and my marriege
    1. WINSTON

      May OUR LORD GOD ALMIGHTY BLESS YOU with what you want..

  • I need a prayer for my boyfriend kerim from tekyi we promise each other to marry so now he told me l lost my phone now am still waiting for her l have one north he not call me l don't no . So l love her so much l need him to come back to me
  • Prayer for healing
  • For God to give me wisdom as I engage thru my studies and also help me to not be shaken by evil things.. to bless me with unfailing love.. and to bless those around me. Thank you
  • I want God to bless my husband financial and also bless me with the fruit of the womb.
  • I want you to pray for me so I can get a job to buy things for my children eat
  • I m ready to work
  • Hoping and praying all my problems financially ends as soon as possible. :9 Please please. I am so down right now. Depression is killing me 🙁
  • Family and love one
  • Im having suicidal thoughts. please pray for me
  • I was terminated from my job
  • I have failed at school Inyandza high school .but my teacher says I should talk to head teacher maybe I gonna have second chance.please pray for me today tomorrow I'm going to the head teacher Amen
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