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“When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.” - Matthew 19-20

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  • Open door for jobs
  • I pray that God heal my mum and also provide me with money to pay the house rent and hospital bills and that he also gives me the strength to round up my studies this year
  • To have a job and everything will be ok for struggling about office problem of my husband I don't know what to do and financial problem and also protect from evil.
  • JefAxWDj
  • BLjpThGr
  • Pls join your faith with mine and pray against every covenant of old working against my destiny.. prayers against backwardness and stagnancy. Prayers against spiritual warfare on my finances, promotion and marriage. HolyGhost FIRE destroy n scatter evil authority in my life Christ Jesus name 🙏🏽
  • God's Wisdom and expansion of His Ministry.
    2.For God to establish me financially and become channel of Blessings to His Children.
  • Healing prayer for my father health and justice to myself about my neighbor threatened me and law enforcement for they're drugs selling and healing prayer for me to walk normally , amen 🙏🙏🕊️🕊️
  • Oh father in heaven, cancel every curse that is working against my destiny.
    Open my eyes to see the deep secrets and solutions of my life. Reveal who I am to me and make me whom you created me to be.. in Christ Jesus name amen
  • I am under debt of 8 lakhs,i have lost my job also,husband is a drunkard n bearing n yelling me always,plz God remove these problems from my life as i m mentally disturbed, stressed n broken out.plz forgive my all sins as i want to live peacefully with my daughter now.husbnd don't realise his mistake.wants to leave me.
  • I need your help pray for me financially breakthrough and my family hurts me for no reason
  • For my financial problem to be able pay my school bills
  • I need help i am the sole provider for 7 people.I have to keep a roof over our head and food and electricity everyday .I am really struggling to make ends meet.I am looking after my brother and sister and her kids .They are both unemployed and cannot find work .I need a prayer for them to find work and a financial breakthrough .Some days we go without food if i cannot make a plan .I am so desperate
  • Please 🙏😭
  • I need God help me to stand firm despite all the challenges I'm going through. May He help me to understand His will in my life in this season 🙏
  • I am providing free Christian education to orphans and poor children in a small village. Our village did not have a church building. Thank God, now a small prayer center has been built and it has no doors and windows. I pray to God. Please provide us with money so that we can install its door and window, Amen
  • Please help me every time I pray things even become more difficult in my life I don't know why now I finding its difficult to leave my life
  • I hope I can find clarity and peace. Lord heal this broken heart.
  • I was lonely on valentine's day. i usually never felt this way. valentine's day is a evil man made holiday but i was lonely. i have no friends or a boyfriend. i hope one day God give me one of these things.
  • I need God to change our financial status and make us a blessing to our world. It's difficult to feed now ,I haven't had anything to eat but by Gods Grace I'm surviving with my children.
  • Hi my prayers request is to heal my heart and soul.... I want my peace my joy back again thanks
  • I pray that God protects me and my kids from evil, turn my anxiousness to happiness, take away all my worries for that things thats not real and not even happening. For my emotions to get better so as my physical body heal.
  • Pray for my family and my bussines
  • Financial breakthrough & marriage
  • I want to go back to the presence of God as a backsliders pray for my health and my kids I have an unborn child am so worried about am so depressed most of the times
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