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Matthew 19-20. “When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.”

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  • - Diabetes
    - Pressure
    - Hypertension
    - Arthritis
    - Nerves Pains all over my body
    - Lower Back pain to my feet and numbness
    - Liver and heart swollen
  • I want someone to help me to pray and ask God for forgiveness and everything that God has plan for me
  • I need deliverance for me and my daughter and family from the attack and attachments spirits!!!! Please
  • My boy friend leave me without a good reason and I'm so depressed 😔 and hopeless here
  • My family well-being and me
  • Strength
  • I having so many life issues more especially my love life,am tired of fornicating and I have not succeed in finding love yet and am not married yet,am in my thirties going to forty
  • Always guide me for everything ,keep me safe everyday and forgive me for all my sins 🥺🥺🥺
  • Lord Jesus Christ please give me strength to face all the trials am facing especially please free me for all my debts,I want you to please do impossible things in mylife today i urgently need financial blessings and free of debt.Amen
  • Mighty father I give my life to you.. protect my sister that sneaked out of the house . She is very ill and I can't find her were she is... Protect her and let her get back to home. Heal her .. kill the devil that is destroying her ... Bring her mind back to normal . Father hear me out .amen
  • I'm alone
  • prayers for my family esp. my son for good health always.
    relationship protection with him. to give me strength & courage to continue to face all the struggles I am experiencing right now particularly in financial aspect. Please take away all the worries I have. Amen🙏
  • I'm too much mind can't stop thinking..I'm afraid ..I think I'm going crazy.. please help me...
  • Please pray for good luck, wisdom and happiness for my entire life and family?
  • That i have faith
  • I pray that God helps my daughter Rehema Kwamboka who is presently in a rehabilitation centre to regain her normal status and go back to college and also my son Brian Michoki to heal his left eye so he can see properly, and also my husband to get better from high pressure.Thank you Lord.
  • Oh Lord Me the spirit of breakthrough,let your mercy speak for everywhere,Oh Lord I rebuke the spirit of antagonist in my life in Jesus name,any power that is holding me back from my fortune be destroyed in the name of Jesus
  • Lord please guide me in to the right direction of my life.....
  • I want you guys to pray for my family to come baxktogther again
  • I am requesting a prayer for my entire family
  • May God bless me with a true partner in my life am single mother
  • I hope all my brother's dreams come true, I hope he just keeps dreaming and doesn't lose hope, please also pray, I hope you take care of your parents, my brother, even if we are apart
  • I am depressed and have anxiety and my granny is Sick
  • I would like you to pray for me and my family.i lost my job and my family depends on me and am unable to provide for them father is a mason and he also don't a have a job right now and my siblings are at home because of school fees so I need your prayers so that I get a good job and help my family ..thank you
  • Academic/educational opportunity, job opportunity, happiness in life generally, God's protection and provision upon the life of my kids and I, accommodation/shelter for my kids and I Amen 🙏
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