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Matthew 19-20. “When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.”

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  • Prayer request for mental ,spiritual and physical healing.
  • To break the chain of poverty in my family
  • I'm trying to forgive my step father for hitting be so badly after he found out that I fall in love with a boy which he didn't like. I know he must have his reasons but why hitting me and punishing me like that. Recently, I tried to forgive him but still couldn't. Please pray for me 😥😥
  • Erase the pain and anger in my heart. Uplift my life and accept the separation from my partner.. let me recover from the pain and sadness forget all the heartaches and the person gave it to me. Be successfull in life
  • God should revive me to be able to study the bible, fast and pray fervently. He should help me obey his laws and live by faith always.
    I need prayers to live a holy and righteous life.
  • Pls pray for my anxiety stress and depression that all the problems in encounter in my work today will have a solution.
  • Lord Jesus I believe you are the son of god.thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. Please forgive my sin and give me the gift of eternal life.. I ask you into my life and heart to be my Lord and savior.iwant to serve you always.
  • God I need wisdom and understand
  • Please help me for my husband he stays far away because of his job.And most of all have an affair with another woman.He resently came back and the lady kept calling and when I asked he replied that the lady has been helping her in so many ways including money and food. I feel so bad about it and I wish she leaves my marriage..
  • Please help me pray for my health and to all my family member's as well and always in good health and protect us from dangers.that my family binds us with God's love and especially for my children's will have the good opportunity to find a good work for their future.That God will blessed us always and give us peace,loving,understanding and kindness to my fellow man especially to my relatives,friends and my family.Thank you.
  • I want God to heal me completely and I want to get capital to start my own business and I want to get favour and financial break through
  • Help me God because I had confusing dream,dream of dead relative.Please lord give me wisdom to understand those dream,and help and protect my family and myself.amen
  • Knowing Christ with all my heart.
    Shortages in my job side.
    Breakthrough in my life and children.
  • Please pray for me and my family happiness,peace and a successful career ahead.i need his blessings at the hour😔🥺🙏
  • I been having a bad dream
  • I'm out of my marriage, please pray for my husband to change so that when I come back we live happily
  • Lord am i feevently your healing power upon me am trying to be strong, pretending am okey though deep am not am scared facing what to come after my 18th chemo sessions,i still feel the pain on my left breast which i had a partial mastectomy,i undergone surgery but after having ultrasound there were 3 masses though its benign still am not at peace,am feeling anxiiety and i have no one to lean except my husband whose miles away from me,my children are still young .am an orphan so no parents that will comfort ne.please LORD heal me,have mercy on me..iwas diagnosed breast cancer stage 3a.
  • Alone
  • Not to lose my job.
  • Pray for me, I want to have peace of mind and
    my own house
  • please, pray for me , I am suffering from depression, I have so much life responsibilities , it's breaking me up, every day is a struggle for me. Thank you so much, God bless you all !
  • Please I'm asking for prayers for Billy to come home safely. Protection of others as well.
  • Lord Jesus I believe in you are the son of god pls forgive my sin . come into your life as a lord of savior .I want to serve you always.lord Sana haba pa Ang buhay ko aabotin Ng 100yrs pa at bigyan pa Ng mlkas na pangangatawan . amen.malungkot buhay ko. Nililibang ko lng sarili ko I'm always alone.
    Thank you lord amen
  • Oh Lord I pray that in the remaining days of this year, watch and guide over me,my child,my husband,my mother,my brothers and sister in the mighty name of Jesus.oh Lord pls deliver my and my family from every generational curse that is standing us and our success, breakthrough and our moving forward in the mighty name of Jesus amen amen amen in Jesus name

  • Lustful thoughts
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