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Matthew 19-20. “When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.”


  • Pls pray for me to make me strong and courageous and have more faith and God and lead the way through him
  • I am a single mother of two sons aged 17,and 8 but currently no job,no school fees, please pray for me
  • Please pray for my exam
  • Nothing is going as planned in my life
  • Back to Jesus like before,long live to the father of my son.Good health to our Family.Having a long patience 🙁 and I miss Jesus like before that I know him 🙁 no more attacking anxiety.Amen
  • Keep me strong enough for all the battles of my life help me overcomes all the trials that i have..keep my childrens safe from harm and sickness and my love one..give me knowledge on how to handle my life and my employer..give me knowledge on how to have an extra income by doing good job..LORD please help me and dont leave me in times that i needed you most..give my children to have mind to finished their study and to have goal that will be finish their and study and have good life ahead and give them a very big fear on you to not do sin..God i prayed also my love ones lowie,i know that we are in not allowed relationship sorry for that God but give me a sign if he is for me...i love him very much God...give us a chance to be together and have faith that we will be together someday..give me enough strength LORD for our relationship..and let him decide also Lord for what is good for both of us .thank you Lord...
  • I will ask for a prayer because I have a lot of debt here that I know I can still pay the debt ..... I will pray that you will give me courage and faith to avoid temptations and avoid debt
  • Prayer for restoration of our marriage. Help us to fix our maritàl problems.
  • Dear God,
    It was onLy yesterday that My Mom passed away at 4:20am in the hospitaL. I pray, you wiLL cLeanse of our sins and make repentance.
    Pray for my strength, that I may overcome this present pain bcuz of the Loss of My Mom 💔
    My heart is broken. I missed her and I want to hug her in My dreams.
    May she guide me, watch over me, and protect me to have a better Life.
    Shower me with abundant bLessings and carry me cLoser to God.
    Forgive for I wasn't abLe to say sorry to My Mom with my shortcomings and say how much I LoVe her.
    Embrace my heart and souLfuL eyes that causes me sadnesses and Longings for a Life of abundance, prosperity, and peace. HeLp me Jesus.
    This I asked of You, to our Lord Jesus Christ Your Son who Lives and reigns in You with the HoLy Spirit, one God, forever and ever, Amen.
    Thank you...
  • My family
    My children's education
    Our business (construction company)
    I want 1 car & house
    Financial problems
  • We need to pray for our sins
  • Prayer for washing away our hatred and regrets on life.
  • I have 4. Sons and 1 daughter please pray for us we are becming good believers
  • Father in heaven, Lord what is your plan for me what should I do?
  • To pass the board exam for teachers
  • I humbly ask for a prayer request for my family. Me and my partner are having a hard time today because of third party issue.
    She is having an affair with other woman. Hopefully, we can still settle it out.
  • I pray for strength, sanity and faith in order for me to get through the emotional and psychological pain that I am into after a failed relationship.
  • - Diabetes
    - Pressure
    - Hypertension
    - Arthritis
    - Nerves Pains all over my body
    - Lower Back pain to my feet and numbness
    - Liver and heart swollen
  • I want someone to help me to pray and ask God for forgiveness and everything that God has plan for me
  • I need deliverance for me and my daughter and family from the attack and attachments spirits!!!! Please
  • My boy friend leave me without a good reason and I'm so depressed 😔 and hopeless here
  • My family well-being and me
  • Strength
  • I having so many life issues more especially my love life,am tired of fornicating and I have not succeed in finding love yet and am not married yet,am in my thirties going to forty
  • Always guide me for everything ,keep me safe everyday and forgive me for all my sins 🥺🥺🥺
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