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Matthew 19-20. “When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.”


  • Praying for admission that God will grant me a better option and that he should give me more grace and he should give me wisdom knowledge and understanding according to his words Amen
  • Prayer for overcoming temptations,peace and breakthrough
  • Please help me pray for my children, let God bless them and provide job and financial breakthrough, also I have a son by the name of Christian, he drinks and take in drugs please help me pray, I beli
  • Prayer request for my husband who need Christ and he is also very sick for more than one year now. He has diabetes and necrotic hips
  • Help me to pray for my son to pass he's exam on oct.23,2022
  • Prayer for protection of my intire family. And protection prayer for me for my everyday living sorounded by bad people with bad intentions. I need Jesus to our side always to give us strenght.
  • Lord reviel in me my gift, lord I want to be what you want me to be
  • I will be attending a community college in the US but first i will have to do a visa interview to obtain an F1 student visa so i can pursue my dreams. i trust God and I believe i will get it this time
  • 1: i want God to Grant me a well paying job so that I sustain my parents
    2: I pray for God to give me the right partner that was created for me in JESUS'NAME.
  • For Job
  • Prayer for job
  • Please pray for me i don't dream and when i do, i do not remember it at all. For God to heal me of chest pain have been having it for many years. I want to have good faith in God. Deliverence for my k
  • My prayer Request,,about my Daughter,Haira joy R.Mamparo, tumakas po cya at 10:50 pm Sept 26,/ 22, hopefully LORD vanjn cya sa mabuting kamay,at Hinde mo po cya pabayaan Lord I hope bumalik cya bhy .
  • Am a patient with stroke, Diebets, prolonged backache and breakthrough to finances
  • Please pray my family safety
  • Divine haeling financial breakthrough,l need a home
  • My son steven is having a bad
    company. He drinks takes drugs. I want him to change his bad ways plz pray for him in the name of jesus.I want to pray for my daughter also as she is 13 yrs old now
  • I'm not in satisfying my wife she now went back to her former boy friend and wanted end the marriage l want that she should come we have married for 25yrs and she will be 46yrs in 7th April 2023
  • Grace to over temptations the abilities to stick to GOD words and GOD should revive my vision Wisdom to handle any challenge that comes to my way in jesus name i pray Amen!
  • Pray for me I've been looking for a job without success I'm the firstborn we are in poverty I want to get a job to raise my family from poverty Amen
  • Addiction of.alchohol an debt. I need complete healing I keep turning back to both. I need deliverance.
  • Guidance of the Holy Spirit in the family, good health and increase of Faith, Hope , Love & Trust in the Lord.
    Peace of mind heart & Spirit in Jesus migthy name Amen 🙏😊👍😘💕🕊️✌️❤️💜📛
  • To get over the sad feelings I have, to be able to prove those who don\'t believe in me wrong, to be more focused in my studies and perform better than before
  • May God sustain the fund and resources in building our own home, we do not have house of our own.
  • Lord forgive all sin , Lord all the power that he was using to deal with me Lord deal with them, Lord have mercy on me let your blessings be upon me
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ASafePlaceOnline is a free, live, 24/7, judgment free space to be heard.
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ASafePlaceOnline is a free, live, 24/7, judgment free space to be heard.
Volunteers are here to listen, offering you help and hope right now.