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How To Care For My Children

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We hear from so many women who struggle caring for their children.

When a woman from Africa has sex, gets pregnant, has a child, and the man leaves her and the child without support, it can be a challenging situation.

Here are some steps that she can take:

Seek legal advice: The woman should seek legal advice to determine if she is entitled to child support from the father. If the father is not willing to provide support, there may be legal options available to compel him to do so.

Utilize community resources: There may be community resources available to provide assistance with housing, food, and other basic needs. In some cases, there may be organizations that specifically support single mothers and their children.

Seek emotional support: It is important for the woman to seek emotional support from friends, family, or a counselor. She may be feeling lost and alone, and it is important to remind her that she is loved and valued.

Consider going to work: In some cases, the woman may need to consider going to work to support herself and her child. In some African countries, men often leave their families to look for work in Europe and never return. Women are then left to support their families on their own.

Address cultural context: In many African cultures, there is a strong sense of obligation to family and community

It may be helpful to work with community leaders to address the issue of absent fathers and to promote a culture of responsibility and accountability.

There are several organizations in Africa that provide support for single mothers and their children. Here are some examples:

First Ladies of Africa: This is a nonprofit organization that assists underprivileged single mothers who are unable to afford food and clothing, medical bills, and medications in Africa

The Borgen Project: This organization works to uplift single mothers in Africa by giving them the time and opportunities to develop careers while also raising their children. They also provide guidance and support, both mentally and financially.

Christian World Outreach: This organization has a ministry called Single Moms Raising Sons (SMRS) that reaches out to single mothers and fatherless sons in South Africa. They provide physical, emotional, spiritual, and educational support to single mothers and their sons. Their goal is to help single moms take steps towards financial freedom and sustainability

Mission for African Mothers: This organization aims to empower single expectant mothers and their children in areas that are most vital to them, such as healthcare, education, and economic empowerment

They work to highlight the plight of and empower single expectant mothers as a vulnerable group in society.

These organizations provide valuable support to single mothers and their children in Africa. They offer a range of services, including financial assistance, career development, and emotional support. By working together, they are helping to improve the lives of single mothers and their children in Africa.

There may be government programs in Africa that provide support for single mothers and their children, but the availability and scope of such programs may vary by country. Here are some examples of government programs that may exist:

Lifeline: This is a government program that helps ensure that people who qualify based on low-income can stay in touch

This program may provide assistance with phone bills, which can be helpful for single mothers.
Children's health insurance program: Some African countries may have a program that provides health insurance for children

This can be helpful for single mothers who may struggle to afford healthcare for their children.

Food stamps: Some African countries may have a program that provides food stamps for low-income families, including single mothers and their children. This can help ensure that families have access to nutritious food.

Unemployment benefits: In some African countries, single mothers may be eligible for unemployment benefits if they lose their job. This can provide temporary financial support while the mother looks for a new job.  Contact your local officials to see if benefits are available to you.

It is important to note that the availability and scope of government programs may vary by country, and some countries may not have any programs specifically designed to support single mothers and their children. In such cases, single mothers may need to rely on community resources, nonprofit organizations, and other forms of support.

We are praying for all mothers who are not being supported by their children's fathers around the globe. 

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