Become A Christian

We are so happy you’re trying to find Jesus.

We hope you watch this short video we made. It will show you how to invite Jesus into your heart.

Finding Jesus is actually quite easy.

The reason it is easy is that you have already done the thing you need to do; Humble your heart. Just by asking for help, and asking Jesus into your heart, you have found Jesus. ALL the hard work has already been done for you when Jesus gave His life for you.

Being a Christ-follower is not about religion. It’s a relationship. After you invite Christ into your heart – Christ is in you – He has made your heart pure – You have been re-born.

You have already experienced Jesus in your life! He is the one that prompted you to reach out, and say yes to His Him! As I mentioned in the video, you are now ready to learn and experience more and more of Him. He immediately puts a great distance between the old ways of your past and your new current life in Him. He will establish your future as you daily walk with Him.

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