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Matthew 19-20. “When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.”

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  • I am happy with all the ideas but it is very difficult for me to find things in Ethiopia where I live but I hope God will save me from this trouble I am a person who wishes for 10 rupees at this time so I am asking for a solution
  • im a student and need prayee fo God to open my mind in my studies and als to get fincial help and also healing from my sickness
  • God stay with me I need your protect amen🙏
  • Prayers to be survive
  • To allows pray with me
  • Please Jesus help me
    Remove my life obstacles
    I am pregnant now and feeling happy . Wo much depressed from inside . My husband not taking care of me . My in-laws torture me a lot. How I handle this type of situation
    I am totally broken my dreams are shattered now . My present worry is only my unborn child please pray for him or her .
  • I pray for marriage and breakthrough please God do not by pass me as you are going round blessing your children please remember my prayer request Amen
  • Please pray for my son for getting a suitable life partner. Also pray for my neighbour who is very much disturbing us for making cinound wall for our property
  • Oh lord lift the curse from my family and let my sister's and I get married, lord from this month I want wealthy men that are God-fearing, handsome, understanding, loving, caring, a man that listens to his wife, hardworking man obedient to start coming and seeking for our hands in marriage this year
  • I really need knowledge and wisdom.
    And good relationship with God and people.
    I'm at the university but I don't understand anything in the class.
    I need God to take over my life I'm tried with my bunder .
  • Dear lord i prayed may u guide me every step i step and every move i move please astand with me always ,i ask to forgive my sinner and bless treble surprise my enemies.
  • Please pray for me am waek 😥and tired I just want to end my life I feel like am alone 😥 nobody wants me and I feel like God doesn't hear me😥😥when I koll am hopeless
  • I recently started my second semester of college and I just pray this semester will be successful and that I pass all my classes and each day I understand more and more I also pray and ask to make more genuine friends at school and hope that people won’t be afraid to talk to me also that I won’t be nervous to talk to them .I pray for success and peace and to see the beauty within myself and to love others
  • I want God to restored my happiness back to me. God should send me a destiny helper. God pls wipe away my secret tears away dis year IJN. God pls change my story dis year,I don't want to remain d same. Heal my spiritual and physical wou d IJN.Amen
  • Please pray for me ineed God open my door and bless our family for good health
  • May God heal me from sickness and grant me many more years to come
  • Me and my boyfriend need a prayer. He is ineed of the job. Please pray for him to find job. Me I want to be resue from spiritual husband
  • Please help me
  • Please pray for me to gain a Canada student visa 🙏additional to heal in my heart to stable my mental health i was so hearted in my life 😭

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