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Matthew 19-20. “When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.”


  • I want God to restore my marriage and make me to meet my husband so that me, husband and my children can live together under one roof
  • Almighty God please complete me, iam lonely, and don't want to be prostituting.I need my own husband. Thank You for hearing and answering more than what I have asked of Thee in Jesus Christ name Amen
  • Protection contre tout enemmi satanique où maléfique pour ma famille
  • For my family and my daughter mayeen lapinid she passed away last March due to pulmonary arrest and heart failure. Thank you for the opportunity... amen
  • Please pray for Narcisa Castillo complete healing from her illnesses and give me strength in taking good care of her..we could no longer afford the hospital bills for we are financially crisis..
  • Motivation
  • Play for me life as been so had on me and children financially and emotionally we are been kept by my sister whose not dowing well at the same time God help us we a bleck through and glow spirituall
  • I want to settle down in marriage with a man who love God
  • Prayers for good health and good life prayers for our trials to pass by and have a beautiful things on us after all bad things happened to us 🙏🙏🙏
  • Pray for me good health and also my grandson wisdom.for poor performance in school.
  • Restoration of my faith in God, peace in the storm of my life, restoration of the Love of my Life as He's on therapy for alcohol withdrawal and I pray God restore our love and spiritual lives
  • Morning prayer
  • More grace and God's mercy. His favour and blessings
  • Lord, please save our marriage. Please let him realize his mistakes as my husband. He doesnt treated me like Im his wife. Please forgive him, and heal my broken heart, I’m really depressed.
  • Prayers for me and my family
  • Prayer for my bf so that God will touch his heart and understand I don't what I ask it right or wrong but I believe that with God everything in possible
  • Pray for my mother sick of blood pressure my daughter Ashley for poor performance in school . For financial stability and to stand firm in prayer. Amen.
  • Things have been up and down with me and my family I'm asking for prayer request for my husband work in my work for financial breakthrough
  • I'm facing so many problems with my husband. He said to devorced me & I agree about his decision coz I had enough for the last 7years.
  • God mercy peace in my family, financial break through, good job, God bless,favour and God to use me for his good work
  • Iam doing something bad because of financial difficulties. Please help me pray that God forgives me and that l get a job and a way out soon. Amen
  • Please 🙏 pray for me since I'm in school and it has come to my guardian who have been helping me I'm paying my school fees is now not willing to support me any more and I really want to complete my s
  • I need prayers please.I am in financial crisis. I need money to pay for for my children's school fees, to clear the debts and to start a business. Please pray for me this has affected my spiritual lif
  • I pray for blessings beyond my imagination and peace of mind
  • Help me to bring back the respect love of my husband.help me to become a good mother,
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ASafePlaceOnline is a free, live, 24/7, judgment free space to be heard.
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ASafePlaceOnline is a free, live, 24/7, judgment free space to be heard.
Volunteers are here to listen, offering you help and hope right now.