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Matthew 19-20. “When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.”

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  • Pray for me to God so that he can open doors for me and to find a white husband who is caring,loving and God fearing man
  • I need help in my life because every time I used to argue endlessly with my wife
    And please and help me to come out of porn edicts
  • Please my fellow xtians, remember me in your prayers,I have the spirit of anger, anytime I get any job I work well bt after amonth I find myself getting angry with my boss with no reason,then I leave,
  • Please help me pray that i will be able to solve all the financial problems i am facing now not for my own use but helping a love one in his financial difficulty. Now i am the one indebted but no regr
  • For the complete healing of Larry Martins from Malaria parasites and typhoid and from his safety and potection from all the evil doers and from his abductors.
  • Lord salvation of my relatives. Complete healing of my eyes . Lord give me more wisdom and knowledge of your words. Boldness. And our country and our leaders most especially our president PBBM and our
  • Lord,I'm worrying evrything not only for myself,my mother,brother&auntie illnesses,brother
    hav kidney's illness undergo dialysis prayer for recovery.pls. pray for me to hire fit job & regular job.
  • Things have never been going the way I want I have been stuck at the same place for years plz pray for my kid to be successful in everything she do today is my birthday plz pray for us to move forward
  • For my life
  • Please help me in prayer, that my son will be cured of the illness, also to provide the financial sming that we will use in the hospital today.. please help me
  • Calvary greetings to all brethren. I want God to bring my ordained husband to me as well as causing my prophesy about my marriage to manifest. God bless you all!
  • Financial stability in my family and i wish to be free from pornp addiction
  • Pray for my job and mental health
    I have been giving interviews but getting rejected in the last round which is making me so worried
    Im trying hard to get jobs and I have financial problems at my home
  • Is like the world is ending for me,am going through deficult life in all areas of my life.things are not going well for me.
  • My 2son are writing exams pray for mapalo and mazuba and my request is pray for small business iam doing.....
  • God help me to stand firm in you, let the spirit of God take over my life, l want to be a genuine child of God. Reunite me with my husband in true love and open doors of our finance.
  • I request you to pray for me I have been suffering from stroke for two years now, and I also abdominal pain which very sevie for two years now, please pray for me and heal, me thanks
  • Please pray for my insomnia. A complete healing. In JESUS MIGHTY NAME.
  • My son Jopeth seeking for a Job
    My son Rvin taking teachers board this coming October 2, 2022
    My Health is not good I am sick now
  • I need divine health, favour and speed growth to the word and with God am having serious eye problem that I can not read the bible or anything well I really need God to heal me🙏
  • Pls, pray for my husband he was sick Pls pray for faster recovery
  • Pray for my son he is going true a divorce and my family
  • My big daughter name is afreen n she is 12 years old but still not like other children she is in class 4 but can't study nicely she need prayer please pray for my daughter
  • My husband is having an affair and i want him back from the other women because we have 2 daughters and i don't want to break our relationship for someone else
  • My prayer request is about the problem encountered in my family that I hope god will help me,guide me,peace of my family,good health and help me to provide our everyday needs god knows all about my pr
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