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Matthew 19-20. “When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.”

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  • Pls 0ray for me I'm sick of cancer I cannot walk anymore.
  • 7 months ago i prayed for woman with autism name Katie to get a new apartment or house. it's been 7 months and Katie is living with her family in a motel. God i know that you are real but after 7 months Katie still haven't got her apartment or house. Katie wants to be independent and live on her own. please God give Katie her blessings.
  • That God will help me get a scholarship for my masters program under the Erasmus mundus joint program.
  • Praying that Holly, her husband, and their kids find Christ.
  • Please pray for me financial breakthrough, healing and marriage
  • I want to be close to God, so that His spirit will be unpon me. And financial break through, and His protection unpon me and my children 🙏🙏
  • I'm praying against negative people comes my way. i seem to attract negative people and i don't know why. i'm very kind. i'm asking God to take negative people away from me.
  • I need a financial breakthrough to pay up my bills and to buy food please pray for me , thank you all, I'm also in need of a job so that I can help myself get through
  • I pray for God to make my transfer possible. I need to be transferred from my current place of work to another place closer to my home . I pray in Jesus name. Amen
  • Prayer for my husband because he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal saviour recently, prayer for job opportunities for my husband because he lost his job six months back and I am just a security guard who earns only 200,000 Ugandan shillings which can't pay school fees for one term ,rent, food, medication infact everything, prayer for finances because I want to build a three rooms house, prayer for peace in my family even if there's nothing.
  • Find a job,able to go back to school to finish my studies ( I have no finances)...And God to pull me out of debts...am so much in debts,but trusting God to came through Amen
  • Financial breakthrough over my business.and everlasting happiness and joy
  • I need a help from you people am a second year student at the vaniversity of EBKUST Makeni studying state registered nurse S R N.and I loss my mother January 21 which is my sponsor so presently am struggling with my cause thank you.
  • I am financial break down,I need a prayer for my husband
  • Pray for my mom
  • Please I request you to pray for me to a good partner for marriage I feel like I reached at the point
  • Thanks for your prayers
    Pray for my business I want to breakthrough in my business
    1. Sobriety

      May the good Lord answer your prayers

    2. sheila

      God bless your business

    3. ALIKO mwakilema

      Thank you

  • I really hope i see a dentist that takes Medicaid soon.
  • Please I need urgent prayer for God to please talk to me I am so so desponded all I have is negative thoughts of self-harm unworthiness doubt getting angry with God have huge debt ag everything is just very upside down in my life it feels like I have demons in my life that's taken over my mind - I feel someone around me have put a spell on me of unhappiness depression on me I know it I feel it someone that's angry with me for no reason
    It feels like God is not listening to me I know Im a sinner
    1. Daphne Raymond

      Our God never keeps an account of the wrong things WWE do. If you truly repent for your sins He will answer you. I pray that God will cover you with His precious blood. Have faith and don\'t give up.

  • Please pray for my kids
    1. MERCYLINE Adhiambo

      May they be healed in Jesus name amen

  • -I have a request prayer says that we want Berry max company to be blessed by God's hand and more productive
    - construction of new home very fast and in effective way
    -getting good house known as ghetto with security of God
    - Having a good and blessed job after finishing my studies
    - Ending mother's sickness
  • I want to join your Bible study group at whatsapp
  • I need wisdom and understand, I want to grow by his way, broking of joke and let his promises come to fulfill in myself
  • Asking God to unattach me from a website i been on for 2 years. the people there are racist and hateful. i know i need to leave but i can't. even my mother and therapist told me get off it.
  • I pray for a long life and for God to guide me along the way as i'm trying to be honest and faithful to him as He has done so much things for me which I am very grateful for ❤️🙏

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