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Matthew 19-20. “When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.”

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  • How to be faithful to my Lord , how to love my family and friends around me.
  • Lord help my family relatives and friends especially my son samuel jay And jiane Andrew give them good health always and also may brothers and sisters protect them always may niece and nephews guide them.
  • I have a swelling foot 🦶 due to my kidney disease 😷 sometimes my foot will stay normal and sometimes I experienced swelling for over 10 years now. family battle nothing good walking for me, especially now, no job no relationship and there is no peace ✌️ of mind. I want God to heal me completely and grant me my Wish 🙏
  • I want that in my life, whoever I have my mind, my sister, my love, May Jesus come out of every trouble, every difficulty and every difficult period, remove them from all these worries, free them from stress forever And may they always be happy in their life . And the person I love the most in this world to whom I want to lay down everything ,"That request is my Jesus, listen to my call, give my love in my bag my love ,Give me that small gift, I can fulfill my dreams, give me the only way to live my life, give me as a life partner.🙏🙏🙏🙏✝❤❤❤❤A M I N E
  • I need God to help me get a good legit job so I can sponsor my studies abroad
  • pls I need your devine intervention in my marriage another woman should not take my place,and pls provide for a wonderful job and protect my children from evil eye give them knowledge and understanding and be with us now and forever Amen
  • My heart my mind out off control our my self please God guide me I am so so much LAGI person in this world I have no idea what can I do in my life I'm confused please God help me God protect me God bless me God loves me God protect my younger sister younger brother and my mother love to the all my family members please God guide to all of as good study good health all of as please God income source was not good open the door for income source please God love you God please help me love you AMEN
  • A prayer for a peace of mind and strength to navigate difficult situations.
  • to end the loneliness in my life and to stop the devil from making me feel so lost and depressed
  • I need prayers for healing and blessings
  • Intervention of God concerning my work as my marriage
  • May I ask for prayer for God to stop the poisoning day & night with illicit class A drugs, theft, property damages, stop the verbal, physical abuse including with demonic-voodoo witchcraft, lies and evil, & He may bring conviction of sin & eviction to Tatiana, Barry, Nicola, Dean, Caron & accomplices, who have been making my life a misery for nearly 8years also may bring conviction of sin to the people in authority including Police, MP, Councillors, Housing, CPS, PM, HM The Queen, solicitors etc as the Scriptures is teaching us to appeal to Caesar, who failed me grossly as well and failed God first, He may bring me justice as in Luke 18 and restore to me, everything was taken from me, & bring me victory over the oppressors & healing in the Name above every other names, Jesus Christ, our Lord, Saviour & Redeemer! May His Name be glorified into this situation as in Ro 8:28 Thank you. May God bless you. Maranatha!
  • a prayer for me to be able to overcome financial crisis and would be able to pay lending company online for my debts and thanking Him for giving me another year today to celebrare my birthday
  • I'm coming to the Lord as His child, longing to hear from Him and asking for your divine healing. There's so much I don't understand, but I do know that with one touch, one word, He can make me whole. I ask for forgiveness of my sins, cleansing of my unrighteousness, and for beginning of healing from the inside out. I simply bow my heart before God to tell the desire of my heart:
    1. To spend as many years as I can loving Him here healed, free in my mind and body from eating disorders and depression, loving others and be loved back, and wanting to become more like Jesus.
    2. I also ask for help and guidance because I’m tormented by lies and own thoughts that might also be untrue so I ask the Lord, that the truth be revealed in my relationships and questions right now.
    3. I ask the Father for His miraculous power to heal and restore our broken relationship with Sean, the one I love. Unresolved conflicts, lack of communication, and loss of trust have led us to this point. Allow us to l
  • I am just in a dilemma, depressed and finding life not worth living My husband filed for divorce
  • I loved someone very deeply his name was shorya. I fighted from everyone in my family for his love . But after some time he left me i want him back i still love him help me
  • Please pray for I lost my grandmother and my heart is broken and I I'm sick I can't stop smoking it hard and my husband doesn't have time for me and my two sisters don't get about me I have nothing too love for and the people it not nice with me aim 12 years merryeid now can't get kids I'm lost please pray for me
  • Strength, breadwinner ive lost my job, bills and needs of my family i dont know what to do and im very tired
  • For peace in life and better future
  • Pls pray for God to bless my children good health and me also and my husband. I am deep financial trouble. Don't know how to pay all the bills. My 2nd son will be in college together with his Kuya and my daughter will be in college the next year. I don't have the means to pay for their education. My husband has no stable income, his small business is having difficulty. My salary is not enough to pay all our debts and we haedly have food daily. Pls pray that all those we are indebted would have mercy on us. I am relying on God's will. I don't know how to get out this financial mess I am in. Sometimes I am thinking that it would be better for me to die to finally rest but I still have my 10 yr old daughter. Pls help me and my family. I am hoping I can clear all my debts which I think impossible to pay in my current status. I have no one to share this as i am afraid that they would judge me. Pls pls pls help me pray for God's divine intervention. Thank you
  • Pls I am in deep financial trouble, my debts is very much higher
  • Please pray for my marriage. That we will seek Gods will for our live and marriage. That divorce will not be an option. That will be restored and trust built.
    1. Jelislyn Cabañez

      God is a god of restoration. You\'re not alone. God bless you and your family.

  • Please lord.. I'm in a serious situation right now
    Help me overcome all my problems give me the strength to face all these challenges in my life.
    Help me to find solutions to these uncertainties
  • Healing for my depression and anxiety
  • Prayer request for my little family. Especially for me and my husband to get employed in order to look after our beautiful children. Thank you
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