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 “When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.” - Matthew 19-20.
Instructions to pray:
1- Click the "I Prayed Now" button after you have prayed.
2- To post your prayer response, click the "Reply" button. Your response will be posted after review.

Note: Your personal information will not be sent to the person who posted their request, but they will be notified someone prayed for them.


  • I pray that God should give me a good job with good payment and I also pray that my dream of becoming a nurse come through and I also pray that I should be the one to bring my family out of poverty and I pray for for my Aunty sickness, let my father in heaven make her get better and give us testimony in Jesus name Amen 🙏
  • I need God to do a new things in my life am tired to work as a maid
    I need financial support
  • God help me and my family we have wisdom and health
  • Prayer for a good job, I'm a medical laboratory technician, where I worked in Lagos my husband deceived me to resigned , not knowing that it was a planned work, I and my two children are suffering I have been unable to get another job, he not even taking care of his children again saying of me, please I need prayers ....
  • Requesting prayer for my health and my family as well.
  • I'm really loosing myself been unemployed for 6months n I've been praying about it can someone please pray with me
  • Make money God help those who help themselves
  • Storng faith in the lord
  • I'm asking for prayers to my relationship with the father of my kid,someone is trying to break our beautiful, warmth relationship that we have cuz I can that he's seeing someone behind my back but he's denying,not sure if my instinct are wrong,and I wanna loose this relationship we've fought for it,and I love him so much ,not ready to lose him,and he's also not ready to lose me but there's someone trying to separate us with bad spirit,pls help me and put me to your prayers,thank you
  • My prayer request is that God sees me through my trying times and may he save my relationship with someone that is very to me a person that I never want to lose.
  • Healing of my first son l want him to walk again is on wheelchair 2ndly my son is going for exam.I want him to succeed.
  • I need prayers at am not feeling okay.. pray for my job..I need promotion
  • I need pray about my marital life,I really need a helpful hand
    I need God to manifest in my life, husband, children and my family's life
    God grace should locate me and they Lord favour
  • My dad and my mum
    Restore their health Lord😭
    And my relationship with my daughter
  • I greatful for what I have but I need a life partner.prosperity ,and a good loving family
    1. Julia

      Myour desiresay our Almighty God meet your desires. Praying for you from now. Now hence forth

    2. Julia

      Myour desiresay our Almighty God meet your desires. Praying for you from now. Now hence forth

  • O Lord I decree and declare Financial open doors, connections over my life and family
  • God bless me en my children with knowledge en wisdom
  • Prayer for My family members
  • My prayers request is that God should healed my mother from any sick laying against her from any cover of darkness
  • Job and financial breakthrough
  • Prayer request for a house for us and courage to overcome what I'm going through. I don't know what I feel anymore. All I know is it's hard to breathe. Need my dreams to come alive and I need strength. Praying for a better way out. Remove this dark cloud and hardships. I'm struggling and fighting my own thoughts
  • Need prayer to save my relationship
  • I want u to pray for me on the spirit of back word In life,and spirits of confusion, spirit of shame, poverty, delay in marriage and lack of concentration
  • Prayer for my senrimental and financial lifw
  • Praying for permanent employment and good health
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